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At this time, let's go to the online (or wild) to find opportunities to fight and help the team Thinking of this fragrant shoulder has been pressed for quite a long time, can not help the way: "is Hearing the white giant say this, the golden wolf Hou was obviously afraid. He snorted coldly, but h The place where the LORD was located was not too far away from Jiuzhou city. Within ten minutes, the When Mu Duan's red face asked, "what's your smile?" "Everybody out, I'll call the assistant." Yunguo is the place where he was born and raised. "Have the trade and tourism negotiations with 345 been settled with the others?" "Ah..." An Ning blushed, "big villain, what do you want to do "It's our captain Luo on duty today. You dare to move on the ground. Brothers, let them have a l Every team broke through, and there was no intelligence before. Small pepper gently waved the small hand of the child said, the child can barely speak, smell speech Fang Han nodded with a smile: "please come in." "You're already a leftist, aren't you satisfied?" The momentum is extremely oppressive. The noisy Qijia village is quiet again. After a few steps, Zha Now the governor wants to confer Nanhai as a six grade force, and give him four sea city to offer go Out of expectation, the difficulty of the second level was significantly increased. None of the seve Tang Yu picked up his glass and said, "let's have a toast to our Liu Shuai."

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