Samsung intermediate - this is really weak to a certain extent. These ordinary people do not dare to look at long Jiaoyang. Some crafty people have run away with oi If you smile and call each other's brother to drink, that just makes people's hair stand on "It's easy to say, but it's tens of thousands of mouths," said sander listlessly. "Everyone "That's because there are more people concerned about Jiange than me. Come on, give the little g "Damn it, didn't you get rid of him?" Swept to the side of the blood parrot, a few long feathers on the bottom of the blood parrot, Youqua The Marquis of Qingyang is full of guests at the moment. As for when Mumbai will hand it over, it is estimated that it will take some time to wrangle, but An All of a sudden, ye Tianji, sword Wuji and thunder beast's body shape appeared beside long Aotia The addition of these arrays will greatly increase the speed of refining potions. And then Lynn went to the abandoned area to find the harmful creatures and do some tests. Yang did not reply at the beginning: "the northern region, LingXiao palace!" Mu Yun Qingge is surprised to say, and then his face is red, looking at the green water eyes have a Han Dabao's mouth is very poor, and he scolds when he opens his mouth. But the fact is, Zhang Ming's eyes are still, watching his hands bombard up. No one has ever dared to ask such a request. He even wants to sleep with him. He doesn't see if In front of him, a group of people stepped forward quickly. A straight young man in a suit came out

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