"Second and third, the situation here is stable for the time being. You should go back to Jinan firs Bright moon attic smile said, and did not break the kind of ecstasy after the appearance. This smile, can give tangguoer to shame. So that no one in the storm jungle team can withstand the attack of the firewood alliance. "Big brother, I may get you into trouble." After a cup of tea, he finally finished the stone steps and came to a very spacious place. After all, there are more and more disciples of xiaowuzong, but they have killed many of them. At present, the strength of Shengzong is still too weak. He secretly called lucky. If Zhu Dagang had not asked Zhu Yuchen to protect Zhu Lizhen, he would hav One by one, the heavenly spirits joined the battle immediately. So on a very ordinary night, the National Education College held a booty sharing meeting. If Wang stupid can really split the city of felons, he will not try to kill him. When we arrived at the city of Aurora, Ziting was like a bird that had been released from its cage. Wang Hanhu slowly stood up, staring at Wang stupid coldly. Wang moved his eyebrows, and in the last second, he and Renzi simultaneously sensed a special fluctu Think if apricot knows, maybe she will seduce Tang Yu to help her beauty. This is not small, no less than their dream mountain, even more powerful. "You're right, so we can't delay. We have to end the war in the shortest possible time."

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