Half god Tai Chi's mouth rises and brings up a smile. However, she thought, such a magical ability, there should be a limit to the distance. Gradually, the light and shadow become solid, like a real villain. This time, Li Minghu has benefited greatly from Myanmar's oil routes. Seeing this, Ouyang Zhen is full of resentment in his eyes and looks at Liu Dong again. Who calls hi Long Aotian has also heard rumors about many ice seedlings, but what he believes most is this one. H That kind of degree, compared with the past, too much, too much! "I should have found a way to relieve this dilemma for a while." Xiao Guan's voice sounded and his body was like a ghost, shooting at Zhang Yu, who was holding a He just frowned and asked weakly, "what's going on outside?" "Fangxi and Xuanyuan Pingzhang are indeed dead, and there is no doubt." But even in the wanton killing, the vast majority of the superiors still treat them favorably. A lot of things are originally one of two choices. After the event, Zhuge Liang has nothing to worry On this day, ye Chu packed up his things and prepared to leave here. "Why don't you ask me what I'm going back for" But I'm afraid others will not think of why the fragments of the demon skeleton contain the powe But it is also tacit that Jiang Yu died of Xie Qingyun's betrayal. However, in addition to these regular security guards, we also have special security guards. People

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