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In case there is an emergency in the hunting ground, if the ring array is used, it may be too late t However, there is a lot of awe. Naturally, it will not be so simple to understand that people come t Qin Jiatian shook his head with a smile: "not yet. This is a vassal state of the empty mountain boun So that the country's steel production is increasing day by day. Yewei nodded slightly, without any expression on his face, and continued to ask. The reason why AI Ou started to attack Yang as soon as he came up was to rob him of his old tree and The cold cold light twinkles in the pupil of Zhou Dong. As long as shenwutian and others have the id "It seems that we underestimated our opponent. However, I will never let you succeed!" Iron and stone, they did not expect that Mo will suddenly attack, did not react at all, can only ret "No problem. There's no change here." Liu xuanzhi received a phone call from Lu Jing. First, he was happy. Then he felt confused and jealo "What's the matter ~ ~ ~ ~" Amy languidly whines in my ear. Her cheeks are flushed and her breat Lu Jing thought how amazing the red dress would be on Guan Ning. Hong Xiaoqi was stunned: "it's boring. How can my mother know everything? I feel that your eyes The weak deserve to be enslaved, and the losers are doomed to be cast aside! "Don't say it again. I have my own discretion." Lu Jing doesn't plan to go back to Beijing at this time. At least he needs to wait for the first Xiang Hongmiao trembled with anger. Then he suddenly figured out something. He looked at Xiang Tianz

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